Introducing Team Roping Champs

Hello Ropers,

We would like to introduce you to the newest organization in the Team Roping Industry. Welcome to the Team Roping Champs. Our mission is to provide our customers with a platform to showcase their skills and talent in the arena with a lower entry fee structure and still provide a championship quality event. We have developed a hybrid format that will cater to all levels of Roper’s. Our roping’s will feature payoffs from 100% payback, 80% payback as well is a 70% cash and prize payback.

Our goal is to provide every Roper an opportunity to compete on an even playing field for lots of money and prizes without having to travel too far from home and without breaking the bank. We are fully aware that there are many events to choose from these days. We hope that will you will give us an opportunity to provide you with a great roping experience.

We will be utilizing Triad classifications as the primary indicator of your classification at TRC events. However, we reserve the right to number and assign a classification to all first time members. You will be required to have a USTRC or World Series card to rope.

Membership into the TRC is OPTIONAL. Everyone is welcome. You may rope in any division at any qualifier. However, in order to rope in the 100% payback Game Changer divisions you will need to be a member of the TRC. Membership cost is $100 per calendar year and is valid at any TRC qualifier.

What is the Game Changer? This will be a division held at every qualifier whereby we will have a 100% payback division. It’s very simple. Become a member of the TRC and you are eligible to rope. You may enter the 100% Payback Game Changer division as many times as you enter the corresponding preliminary. For example: at the first Friday Qualifier at Welcome Home Ranch in Gilbert Arizona we will be having a #11 #10 and #9. At the conclusion of those preliminaries we will have a #11 100% Payback Game Changer. If you enter the #11 preliminary once twice or three times that will be the number of times you can enter the Game Changer. We will have a different Game Changer at each qualifier. We will rotate between all divisions (#15 #13 #12 #11 #10 #9) in order to give every member an opportunity to rope for all of their money. No gimmicks! Just pay your entry fees and all the money will be put into the pot. We will be following World Series rules and pay off formulas.

We would like to invite all Ropers to experience these events first hand. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions please feel free to call.

Good Luck and Go Get the Money.
Kenny Zamora

For the latest TRC information go to www.TeamRopingChamps or find us on facebook