Lets go ropin’


Thank you to all the Ropers that joined us in Portales at the Open Breakaway and American Qualifier.


Congratulations to the winner of the Open and American Averages TiAda Gray.
Great roping on a great little horse.
Thank you to the Team Ropers that roped with us in Portales last Friday during the ENMU College Rodeo. Congratulations to Average Winners Lane Cooper and Ezzio Jacquez.

Santa Fe Trail Event Center

At the Santa Fe Trail Events Center the Zamora’s are producers of equine related events (primarily Team Roping) the facility is set up to accommodate various other events including but not limited to: Rodeos, Barrel Racing, Bull Riding, Team Penning, Horse Shows, Concerts, Circuses, Carnivals, Fairs, Conventions, Car Shows, Dances, Weddings, etc…

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Zamora Roping Productions

Traveling Horse Stall Available New Mexico

Zamora Roping Productions is based out of Las Vegas, New Mexico and has been involved in the Team Roping Industry for 40 years. The main purpose and goal of Zamora Roping Productions is to promote the sport of Team Roping as well as promoting the many sponsors of the organization. Producer Kenny Zamora continually strives to develop new concepts and formats in order to be an innovative leader of the Team Roping Industry.

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